A lil place on the big web, for us women, have the chicks behind Fem/fem D/s Chat created.
Since this Chat is geared towards the lifestyle of Dominance/submission, certain rules concercerning behaviour in the chatroom are to be considered before entering.
If Y/you are not oriented towards this lifestyle,
please take some time to read about D/s and BDSM

The chat is currently under update,
but will go online

The women behind this chat are as follows,
and in no particular order.

Petra Axelsson: web-design and Sysop.
Brenda Melhus: Chat coordinator.
Michelle(Chelle) Moderator.
lilith and Starry Moon: Hostess.

Betatesters nicknames:
Biamber, sunstroke, Lacee, Vallee, lilcowgirl, Sea, Starry Moon, starshine, Angel Breath.