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Why not take a break from all this laborious Web surfing and try something else?

A fulfilling diversion, The IRC (Internet Relay Chat). Live, fully interactive text conversation with thousands of people all over the world. No waiting for your Newsgroup posting to be posted, read and replied to, get a response right away. The subjects range from Computer related themes to the perverse (ahem) and all you need is the IP connection you are using now and some client software

To get the above mentioned client software (the application that allows you to Join in with the chats or 'log on') there are many good shareware examples, the ones I have used are;
Ircle (Macintosh), MIRC (Windoze)

Click here to download

Clients are also available for UNIX and other popular platforms, you can also Telnet or PAD in if you so wished but you miss out on multiple chats and the handy automation of private messaging and much more.

The Undernet's Web page where you will find more detailed information of the Undernet Servers and general IRC topics

A strange efnet 'chatroom' web page... see the geeks (arrrrrrgh)

Here's another...

CU-seeme... Wow what a coolarama thing this is. Live video & Audio connections and you don't even need a camera to watch the other users.

Download the software (Mac or PC) Log onto a mirror site (a computer dedicated to relaying the video to all users) and have goggle at babes, school kids and I even saw a man get his willy out once (gotta be worth a glance).

Here is the CU seeme home page

Reflector sites for CU-Seeme (Mirrors);

Other Favorite Sites of Mine (most are sick, some are handy... The links marked with a ! should not be used by people with high morals.)

!Alt.Tasteless !

!The stuff your Mum warned you about!
!*Rubs hands together*!


Thats all folks!