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On Saturday 11th February 2017, Glastonbury Assembly Rooms hosted the first SpaceGoats reunion gig - 20 years since their heyday.
During the early to mid 1990s the Spacegoats thrilled audiences around the country with their unique take on acoustic music, inventing a genre they called "eco-bardic tribadelica", singing songs about such cosmic subjects as stone circles, earth energies, crop formations,the ever-living presence of the great Earth Mother and other ancient pagan deities. The band emerged in 1993 from the road protests of Twyford Down, Solsbury Hill and Newbury, playing vibrant music on actions and telling stories of the land around fires and at protest sites,. Spacegoats were often found at green fayres on festival stages including Glastonbury Green Futures and The Green Gathering, often playing alongside fellow travellers Heathens All, a similar collective, that gave rise to currently active bands Seize The Day and Dragonsfly.

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