Time: The Ultimate Resource

TIME: The Ultimate Resource.

It's bigger than everything, so what do we know about it? Bugger all. This is The Ultimate Resource of all things temporal. There are over 100,000 entries on the Net for Time related issues. Blimey, it must be important.

Please remember that whilst browsing this page clothing may be casual, but smart. No Work Boots or Trainers. The managment reserve the right to beat people to a oozing bloody pulp and throw them out.

Our starters for ten include........

What is Time?.... What Time is it?.... Time Travel!.... Doing Time..
.. Wasting Time.... Free Time.... Business Time.... The Times.... Saving Time..
.. Time Gentlemen Please!.... COMPETITION TIME.... Time for Feedback..

With regard to our quest, Einstien maintained that time and space were infinitely curved, and as such almost impossible to wallpaper!

ULTIMATE RESOURCE: The Top Ten Time Outs!!


Do you know what time is? If you do then
LET ME KNOW! Our on going competition is always open to any entries. Just keep it simple Time Sluts and spread the word. All observations on the meaning of time will be entred in the time vaults, with an open access policy being observed. The management appreciate your support and ask you to observe the usual intergallactic rules on copy tripe.

Ultimate Resourse: Top Ten Chart Busters

#1 Practical Machanics: Build your own Time Machine!
#2 O.K. Wasters, It's The Next Level of Time Wasting
#3 Time Daily: Up to the minute news from the TIME Organisation
#4 Systems of Time
#5 Top Ten reasons why beer is better than Jesus.
#6 It's time to write a Dada Poem.
#7 Rhinoseros Times; Great name for a newspaper
#8 The U.S Navy Master Clock ...oohhh
#9 The InterNet Stops here.....
#10 Countdown to the Year 2000

What is Time?

Alex Chacha's Creations: Re-Inventing Time-Space Continuum in Cheese and Taking Over the World, Fjord!
Andy's Wastland of Nothing
The Search for the BIG IDEA!
Infinite Spare Time
Paradigm and Activities
The Dynamic Structure of Space
The Universe Within
The Nether World of the Mind
Usenet - talk.philosophy.misc
Usenet - alt.philosophy.debate

"Yesterday upon a stair, I saw a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today, I wish to hell he'd go away".

What Time is it?

Clocks and time on the 'net
USNO Master Clock Time
Book Review of "Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle" (Stephen Jay Gould)
Foam bath fish time
Time Conversion Coefficients
Local Times Around the World
What time is it?
The World Clock
Countdown to year 2000
The Internet Time Tool
Systems of Time
Directorate of Time

Q. How does an existentialist tell the time?
A. My baboons lost his bicycle.

Time Travel

Doctor Who FAQ Index
Doctor Who Home Page
DrWho Page
Doctor Who Quiz
The Doctor Who Page
Reverse Time Travel
Usenet - alt.sci.time-travel

If it was possible, you would'nt be able to move in the supermarket for 'em!

Doing Time

HM Prison Service
Prison-related Resources
Links to prison resources
The Three Strikes Statute Effective March 7, 1994
Prison Legal News
Escapes and Disturbances
The Penal Lexicon

Wasting Time

Cheepnis Web-O-Rama
Trivial Waste of Time Home Page
Usenet - alt.timewasters
Time Wasting Devices
wasting time
The Next Level of Wasting Time
Well, you're obviously wasting your time.
The Internet Stops Here...
The Game of Mornington Crescent at York

Free Time

Pass the biscuits...
Time Out - World Map
KILLING TIME, murder consultants
Reel-Time: Saltwater Fly Fishing
Old Time Radio

The man who ain't got time to go fishing, ain't got time!

Business Time

Time Capsules, Inc.
New York's Multimedia Playground
Time & Time Again Watches Online
Turn Back The Hands Of Time....Now!
Time Capsule

The Times

Welcome to Times internet space
Beirut Times
World Wide News Sources on The Internet
TIME World Wide Home Page
Evening Times Online
Financial Times Group
Northwest Arkansas Times
The Seattle Times
Rhinoceros Times : Main Menu

Saving Time

How to Get More Done with Less Time and Effort, by Marty Foley
No Time To Lose
Time Helper: A Concierge Service

Sieze the day before the day siezes up!

Time Gentlmen Please!

Newcastle Brown Homepage
CamRA: The Campaign for Real Ale
London Pubs
Top Ten Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than Jesus
Inside the Red Triangle Pub
Beer: UK Real Ale
British Real Ale Home Page

Time for Feedback. Do it, waste bandwidth NOW!

Forthcoming attractions: Play Time, Time Out, Time on your Hands and Night Time.