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Phreaky resources compiled by Fone Ranger

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Some of the better texts

Understanding Telphones by Julian Macassey HTML | Text

Building and Using Phone Patches HTML | Text

uk.telecom FAQ, Part 3 (Technical Matters) – edited for relevance. You can get the full one here.

Combat in the Field: Field Phreaking by Keltic Phr0st

The BT Network Well-researched and comparatively up to date, on Clive Feather's site

MED's Guide to UK Telephonics: Part 1 | Part 2 (somewhat dated)

BillSF's Hitchhikers Guide to the Phone System: Phreaking in the Nineties

Phed-One's Ultimate Guide to Blueboxing in the (Late) 90s

BT Wiring Cabinets: Cold Fire's original text: Updated version

Keltic Phr0st's Pointers in the Direction of Better HP Information (through patents)

Some Phreaking Haikus

BT payphone coin tones (now obsolete.)