::Old Flames Are Dead Matches (download exclusive)

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Label: Artrocker

::Trouble Gun + Life is 6/5 Against - DOWNLOAD NOW FROM mperia.com

Double A-side taken from the Wild Dog Setting LP, plus a bonus unreleased track.

track listing

  1. Trouble Gun
  2. Life Is 6/5 Against
  3. Don't You Get It

Label: Artrocker
Format: 7" Vinyl only

::Wild Dog Setting - DOWNLOAD NOW FROM mperia.com
sleeve artworkDebut LP on Artrocker Records.

"A ferocious animal of an album. Traces of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Buzzcocks in a web of barbed hooks and surprisingly pop sensibilities... destined for great things." - Logo Magazine

"Buzzsawing guitars, defiantly cheery vocals, and every song a sub three minute blast." - Time Out London

track listing

  1. Sick Sick Feeling
  2. What Made You Great
  3. S.O.A.P
  4. I'm Wrong
  5. Lust & Mistrust
  6. I'll Take Anyone
  7. Laura Never Called
  8. Trouble Gun
  9. Find Me A Feeling
  10. Keep On Letting Me Down
  11. Life Is 6/5 Against
  12. Our Way

Label: Artrocker
Format: CD
Catalogue No.: RRR33011

::New Blood - The New Rock & Roll Vol 3.
sleeve artworkThe Shocks have one track "What Made You Great" (from "Wild Dog Setting" on this compliation album.

Label: Artrocker
Format: CD
Catalogue No.: RRR33010

::Baby What's Your Plan + My My + Life is Sweet - DOWNLOAD NOW FROM mperia.com
single sleeve artwork"Heads and shoulders above most of the punky bands I have heard in the last decade. Really f*cking good maaan." - Mohair Sweets

"Killer double a-side… our answer to the USA garage rock explosion. Think a mix of Mooney Suzuki, no wave, Eddie and the Hot Rods and the Buzzcocks." - Rough Trade

track listing

  1. Baby What's Your Plan
  2. My My
  3. Life Is Sweet (CD single only)

Label: Vinyl Japan
Format: CD single & 7" vinyl
Catalogue No.: TASKCD81 / PAD81