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Want to get out there and do some good? If the desire to influence things for the better is part of what makes us human, then these sites are maintained by super-humans.
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Legal Defence and Monitoring Group  Legal Defence and Monitoring Group
Volunteers for the defence of civil protest and the right of assembly. Although mostly dormant since the downfall of the Tories, the LDMG will surely rise again.


Stonehenge Campaign
Stonehenge Campaign @ pHreak: We want more Free Festivals at Stonehenge, and free access into the Stones for all who come in peace at Solstices, Equinoxes, sunrises, sunsets, etc. Plus the Stonehenge VE Day
 Stonehenge Campaign


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UK underground news, direct action updates, drugs info, music, football... We admit it: this site is bigger, better and more interesting than pHreak. Go there!
The weekly newsletter from Justice? - Brighton's Direct Action collective. Regular, in-depth and comprehensive - look no further for information for action.


Proof that the little people can win. McDonalds thought they could squash them like flies. McDonalds couldn't have been more wrong...
Film-makers recording direct action in the UK and elsewhere. See what the mainstream media edits out, and lots more besides.
Subvertising is the art of cultural resistance - by (ab)using the tools of the mass-market, and the culture of advertising, individuals and groups can make powerful statements about society and politics.
 Squall Magazine
Tools you up with accurate information and positive inspiration. To expose hidden agendas and highlight new initiatives. Standing for cultural diversity, community and respect.



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