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"In matters of the utmost importance, style, and not sincerity, is paramount." -- Oscar Wilde
"Whaaah! Ow! Yeeeeah." -- James Brown
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Virus Eye  Virus Eye
virus.eye music - homemade acid media


DebEspace...performer - singer/songwriter, artist, author, dancer, blatant exhibitionist! & all round phreak! Jesus was a mushroom, say's John Allegro, want to know more... memory of a free festival, walk this way!!!


The Bearded Lady  The Bearded Lady
Music that sounds like cereal being munched, just after the milk has been poured.


Electric Shocks
Rock and Roll the way nature intended.
 Electric Shocks


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 Haywire Communications
Limited editions and hard-to-get chewns. Haywire were the first, probably the last, and have been always.
 Digital Hardcore
Home of Atari Teenage Riot and the spawn of Alec Empire, Shizuo and friends. White noise techno. Hot lips, wet pants.


 The Wire Magazine
Adventures in modern music. Subscribe to the only magazine that surveys the wilder shores of music of all types.
Cult of the heavy-handed with a song for every mood. A chorus of velvet gongs [that's enough NME parody - Ed.].


 Britney Spears - Semiconductor Physicist
Bet you didn't know that the perfectly formed one could tell you a thing or two about vertical cavity surface emitting lasers. Coming soon, Christina Aguilera's guide to superstring theory.
Rattail (unofficial)
Tribute site to this shady and rather peculiar denizen of the London rock scene. You can also take a look at his official site



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