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pHreaker... sites by individuals who have run irreversibly amuck in the digital playground. Hackers, pHreakers and mischief makers, and all those on the underground fringes of the perimeter of the rim of life...
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All the other phone phreak sites suck. Read this one instead.


l0de69  l0de69
Now in the process of updating to sooth all the bleeding eyes. The old site is still up, though.


Finn's Alternative Net Pursuits
Want a break from web surfing? May we suggest this cornucopia of differently choiced selections...
 Finn's Alternative Net Pursuits


JellyFire  JellyFire
WWWOOOOOSSSHHHH goes his breath!!!! ... but wait ... it's not a case of hali, ermm .. halitoes .. erm ... not cleaning his gums ... it's the firebreather!!! Firebreathing is THE sure fire way to pull the girls ... in your dreams


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 Security Focus
Hacking is very boring, but Security Focus does its best to liven it up. An essential bookmark for anyone into exploits and general mayhem.
 Hacker News Network
It's not ALL about Free Kevin. HNN is the place for what's up, down and generally 0wn3d - check out their Defaced List...




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