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All psykokultural endeavour is here! Actually, this section's a bit of a sinkhole for stuff that we find impossible to categorise. Call it, loosely, "subculture" but you'll also find visual arts and weird cult stuff in here too..
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Sophie Choupas  Sophie Choupas
Le Monde Etrange de Sophie.


The electronic output and inner-pickings of a young urbanite's brain, complete with an evolving set of prose and muse, essays and rants, art and ridiculous soapbox political screechings. Put it in your morning coffee or snort it


The Isle of Stomgrog  The Isle of Stomgrog
Looking for something different this summer holiday? Try this floating archipelago with its unique native fauna, including the world's only population of pygmy dinosaurs...


Roger Craig Searle
A beautiful, yet edgy synthesis of glamour, debauchery and anarchy... Showcasing the spring / summer 2001 collection of a rising star in the world of fashion.
 Roger Craig Searle


Zoom On  Zoom On
Peekaboo Peekaboo Paparazzi from Planet Pu. Recently found in a box in the attic - feels kinda a millennial, non? Apologies and respect to Nasa and the other copyright owners.


Evil doers beware! Its the saga of MASTER Bato! Hide your napkins and handkerchiefs! THE ONLY super hero who uses his powers for self gratification!


Antarctastico  Antarctastico
Antarctastico - It's Antarctastic!! (and it's a funky comic about Harry the Penguantelope)


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 The Spam Haiku Archive
Seventeen syllable poetry about pork based meat food. This sort of thing is what the internet is here for.
 The Chap online
The Chap takes you back to a golden age where men were men and wore hats, smoked pipes and facial hair wasn't considered unhygienic. Make gloves not war.


 Memoirs from Hijiyama
Obviously a labour of love, this quietly beautiful memorial site to the victims of Hiroshima is visually stunning and contains thought provoking meditations into the nature of the loss.
 Second Life
In case you're bored of the first one...


 The Onion
If you haven't discovered The Onion yet, you're a fool.
 flip flop flyin'
A great example of the arcane discipline of pixel art. The little pixel pictures of pop stars are particularly good, and the whole site is irresistibly charming.


Join the church of the Subgenius here - you can even enter your details to become an officially ordained minister of the Church of Bob.
 Joshua Davis
The king of Flash art




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