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ICQ Loser  ICQ Loser
16th July 2024: We're waiting for some text to go here while the owner of this site gets their act together.


Russian unorthodox culture meets art terrorism. "Would you have an implant device put in yourself or your children?" Certainly, if it enhances the buzz...


Head Magazine  Head Magazine
The greatest British small-press magazine of its era, Head now has various presences on the web, and one lives here on pHreak.


is an interactive multi-media e-zine. Distributed free over the networks, small and perfectly deformed, it creates high density chaos in a confined space.


idiom  idiom
Painfully artistic, yet vulnerable. Idiom is word that everyone knows.


I journal of sorts, when I can be bothered keeping it. It's also a base for PHP testing and various other projects generally aimed at annoying huge tracts of the population with my crap opinions :p


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 Classic Cafes
Excellent tribute to the heyday of formica. London's greasy spoon cafes have thrown up a culture of their own and this site pays tribute to them. Sausage, beans, bubble and two fried slices, please!
 99 Rooms
Jesus. Have I got to explain every fucking thing? Just get in there and start clicking!


 Art Map
The anatomy of net art laid bare. Like a cyber-age Domesday Book, this site set out to account for all significant art spaces on the web. See if you can find pHreak.
A new project by the people that brought you the Association of Autonomous Astronauts. Exploding the myth of gravity's pull.
 Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg is the Internet's oldest producer of FREE electronic books (eBooks or eTexts).


 The Institute of Official Cheer
where old pop culture is subjected to our patented Re-Ironization Process, and converted into chipper, spiffy, feather-light postmodern commentary on commercial culture.
 The Filthy Critic
At last. A film critic you agree with.




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