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Genderblender sites explore the limits of sexuality. We don't care if you're transgender, intergender, homosexual, pansexual or hortisexual. If it's about sex, we want it. All the time...
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Dana Internatonal  Dana Internatonal
International transsexual pop idol? Mossad conspiracy to corrupt Egyptian youth? Postmodern ethnic dance trance babe? Eurovision diva? Amnesty International poster girl? :: Dana International can be all of the above depending on


F/f D/s Chat
F/f D/s Chat is for us, the 'fairer' sex, the 'darker' sex get no entrance. The Chat theme is D/s, BDSM, but any godiva is Welcome.
 F/f D/s Chat


Miss K  Miss K
Extremely lazy but mesmerisingly lovely transgendered punk goddess never updates a fucking thing on her site. Ha!


"Sexuality and gender are becoming obsolete as people begin to question why they should be the same person, day in, day out..."


Six Inch Killaz  Six Inch Killaz
Rumours of a brand new Six Inch Killaz retrospective site persist. Try the Charlotte Cooper link below if you get sick of looking at the holding page.


Transcend gender and enter the world of Holly. Whoever said beauty was only skin deep never met this boi.


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 Girly Online
The online incarnation of Girly, the always funny, vicious, opinionated and sassy trannie 'zine. By my good friend Mona Compleine, writer, musician, DJ and angry young tran - she's the best!
 BME: Body Modification Ezine
Not for the faint hearted - extraordinary site highlighting all forms of body modification arts. Graphic, comprehensive and highly recommended for those of an alternative bent...


 Piercing Mildred
Mildred the online piercing doll has seemingly been around since the web begun. Believe me when I tell you that this is the sort of site that makes the web worthwhile for me...
 bianca: the alternative online community
Bianca's smut shack was one of the very first online "alternative" sites. Like pHreak, bianca's been around, and evolved into a great online community.


This is kinda skin-crawly, but fascinating for those who like their sex partners inanimate but draw the line at trips down to the morgue to warm up the recently deceased. And here is something truly spooky...
The UK's biggest and bext gay online community. Stuffed full of chaps. Some in chaps!


Check out this amazingly beautiful Swedish female impersonator. The site is very nicely designed too!
 Purity Tests
How pure are you exactly? Take this awesome barrage of online purity tests to determine exactly how filthy you actually are.


 Charlotte Cooper
Charlotte writes some great stuff. Including a great write up about Six Inch Killaz in her archive.
 Tina C
Sometimes it's hard to be a woman... Find out just how hard from the UK's very own country and western queen. Very nice site.


 Ultimate Messy Directory
Because sexual congress isn't all white sheets and perfect make-up and a fresh, cottony smell.
We Don't Pretend to Tell You The Truth.



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