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Gagged by Geocities? Too Fucked for Freeserve?
pHreak is the original Free space for strange stuff.. Yes, this means that if your deviant and alternative web pages need a home, they can cuddle up in good company around here.

The current contents will give you an idea of what we like. Right now we're looking for stuff on weird science, environment, spirituality, fringe sex, direct action, music, arts, kults and kulture...

Each section contains sites we hold in the pHreakiverse and a dropzone into the best of the rest of the web. The lamers will end up in the trash...

control pHreaks
control pHreaks
 They are responsible
These three individuals are "responsible" for pHreak. These are their true names and faces in the pHreakiverse, but they may be sitting right next to you in their cunning secret identities as "normal" people.

How do you know if a control pHreak is in your vicinity? It's hard to tell, but the years of warping the fabric of space-time and coding HTML may have taken their toll. If you feel an unaccountable sense of nausea, or feel the sudden urge to close tags, then you may be in close proximity to one of them.
 DO NOT approach them
They are dangerous and may ask you awkward questions, try to destroy your way of life or comment on your dress sense in unnecessarily sarcastic ways.

Take action immediately. Get away from public spaces. Go home. Lock all the doors, fix yourself a strong Gin & Tonic and make a website to submit to the pHreakiverse.

Then nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to make sure...


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